Only the Covid-19 virus could stop ASAwins 21-8 All-Sports TOP GAMES STREAK! Watch for articles and relevant betting news here during this hiatus from sports betting and be safe!

ASA ExpertsASA **RED HOT START TO BASKETBALL. NOW 11-5 ON COLLEGE TOP BASKETBALL GAMES! MGOY comes up short. ** NHL on 9-2 Top Game STREAK! 27-17 NBA overall run! Finished football with an 11-4 CFB Top Game run. TWO Top Game wins in the Bowls including the 10-Star MIDWEST GAME OF THE YEAR! BUY HERE
Scott RickenbachScott Rickenbach 3-3 Wed. UP $112,000 L2 YEARS! LOCK in YOUR winning FUTURE! His CBB WINNING AGAIN TY and 123-93 LY! CBB Totals 35-21 RUN! NBA Totals 19-11 RUN! NHL Tops 130-96 (+$41,040)! 15-8 (65%) CBB March! Thu: 4 CBB / 3 NHL.BUY HERE
Joe NelsonNelly Sports Nelly's has gone 112-71 from March 1 to the NCAA Title Game the past three seasons including a 34-18 record in the NCAA Tournament. We are riding a current 40-day run of 43-22 through Feb. 29 for another big season in basketball. BUY HERE
Point TrainPoint Train Consultants HUGE 10Unit Bowl GOY win with Georgia! Point Train now 21-12-1 L34 NFL wagers and have produced seven of eleven profitable weekends!! In the last eight weeks PT has gone 3-0 on three separate occasions in the NFL, 2-0 last weekend with an 8Unit Playoff Game of the Year WIN. BUY HERE

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