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Nelly’s Sportsline is entering our 29th football season in business heading into a 2018-19 season that will end with Super Bowl LIII. The NFL Playoffs have been a great area of success for us with a 26-11 70% record in the playoffs the past five seasons. We had a huge finish to the 2017-18 season going 16-5 from Week 13 to the Super Bowl last season while hitting 65% overall in football picks from Nov. 19 to the Super Bowl, with a winning Super Bowl side in six of the last seven seasons.

Our phone service turned in a net profit in 17 of 22 football weeks last season with a wildly successful NFL campaign finishing 39-24 for 62% and +21.1* for the 2017-18 season. We also had a great bowl season, now 26-12 for 68% in bowl picks the past three years.

We hope to get off to a great start in September which has been a winning month for us in 10 of the last 13 seasons, posting a solid 16-10, +8.2* start in September 2017. We had great success on top plays last season hitting 80% with an 8-2-1 record in our 3* Top Plays with NFL & Bowl Game of the Years wins (and a push on our College GOY). We now own a 51-30 record in NCAA 3* Top Plays the past nine seasons.

We also finished in the top 3 of the Wiseguys Contest and was the Final Four Weeks champion last season, posting a top 3 finish for the third time in seven years.

We’ve had plenty of success as a phone service but what is most important to us is representing ourselves with integrity and without illusions. In this industry it is not difficult to find shady characters and scam artists that will tell you anything you want to hear. That is not us and that will never be how we operate, and scores of clients can attest to that.

We hope you will consider playing with our phone service or the weekly Green Sheet this season. While we won’t make the outrageous claims and guarantees that some of our competitors may make, we have been in business for a long time and could not have done so if we did not have a great track record and clients that appreciate how we do business.

Recent Phone Service Highlights

51-30 the last nine years in college football 3* Top Plays.

230-182 in September Phone picks, college & pro combined since 2005

16-10, +8.2* in September 2017

Winning Super Bowl side 6 of the last 7 years

39-24, 62%, +21.1* in the 2017-18 NFL season

26-11, 70% in NFL Playoff picks the last five seasons

26-12, 68% in college bowl picks the last three seasons

6-2 in college bowl 2* & 3* picks the past two seasons

Top 3 finish in the Wiseguys Contest 3 of the last 7 years (2011 title)

4-1-1 in College GOY & Bowl GOY picks the past three years

12-6 in postseason picks in 2017-18

16-5 close to the NFL season from Week 13 to SBLII

8-2-1 80% in 3* Top Plays last season


WIN % leader on Vegas Insider in BOTH NFL & NCAA football in the 2013-14 season!

Profits in 17 of 22 football weeks in 2017-18

65%, +27.5* from November 19 to SBLII