• 2021 NFL DRAFT – Total QB’s taken in Round 1 – Found at FanDuel

Over 5.5               +460

Under 5.5            -750

ASA PICK – Over 5.5 (+460)

We’ll take a shot here with Over 5.5 QB’s taken in the 1st round.  We don’t think its out of the question and the odds are great as you can cash nearly 5 times your wager if it happens.  Five QB’s will be taken almost guaranteed.  Lawrence, Jones, Fields, Lance, and Wilson are all projected to go in the top half of the first round and if all went in the top 10 we wouldn’t be shocked.  If that happens you’re already at 5 with more than 60+% of the first round still to go.  It takes just one team looking for a QB late in round 1 to take a shot on Kellen Mond (Texas A&M), Davis Mills (Stanford), or Kyle Trask (Florida) and we can cash this.  Nearly half of the teams in the NFL are potentially in the market for a QB including a number that will still be selecting after the first 5 are already off the board.  New England (if they don’t trade up), Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Tampa Bay are all looking closely at their possible future QB.  It’s a bit of a longshot but QB is the most important position in all of sports and having one of these teams take a chance on a signal caller late in the first round wouldn’t surprise us at all.

  • 2021 NFL DRAFT – Total WR’s taken in Round 1 – Found at FanDuel

Over 4.5               -290

Under 4.5            +215

ASA PICK – Over 4.5 (-290)

This is a hefty price to lay but we’ll still make a small wager on at least 5 WR’s going in the first round.  Three are projected by most to go in the top 15 (Smith, Waddle, and Chase) which means we simply need 2 to go in the bottom half of the first round.  There are at least 4 more WR’s who have first round talent including Bateman (Minnesota), Moore (Ole Miss), Toney (Florida), and Marshall (LSU) and 9 total receivers in the top 50 players available on Pro Football Focus.  There are also a number of teams in the bottom half of the first round that are in need a WR including Green Bay, Baltimore, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and Tennessee.  In a very strong draft class for WR’s, we like at least 5 to go in the first round.

  •  2021 NFL DRAFT – Will these QB’s be taken in Round 2 – Found at DraftKings

Kyle Trask (Florida) +235 – Yes

Kellen Mond (A&M) +450 – Yes

Davis Mills (Stanford) +300 – Yes

We’re going to make a small wager that each of these QB’s goes in the 2nd round.  We feel there is an outside shot one goes in the 1st round (our wager #1 above) but if not, we see a strong possibility all 3 go in round 2.  Even if one goes in the first round, we’re already cashing nearly 5/1 on that and still have 2 remaining need just 1 to go to basically break even on this particular wager (depending on who goes).  As stated above, QB is the most important position and teams often reach.  A bit of a reach might be grabbing one of these players in the first round, but it is a possibility.  We’re not so sure it’s a reach for any to go in the 2nd round.  They are rated by most everyone in the know as the #3, #4, and #5 QB’s in this draft with a fairly large drop off after #5.  If we had to bet just one of these 3 we’d probably grab Kellen Mond with the value at +450, however we like 3 individual wagers here with a solid shot at hitting all of them in our opinion.

  • 2021 NFL DRAFT – Total Safeties taken in Round 1 – Found at FanDuel

Over 0.5               -215

Under 0.5            +164

ASA PICK – Over 0.5 (-215)

Most experts have just 1 safety graded as a first round pick but that’s all we need here.  TCU’s Trevon Moehrig is the top safety in this draft class and there is a high probability he goes in the first round.  Draft expert Todd McShay (ESPN) has him rated as the 17th best prospect in this draft and the 5th best on the defensive side of the ball.  He’s most likely not going in the top half of the first round so the key is do we have teams in the bottom half that need a safety.  The answer is yes.  The Raiders, Titans, Jags, and Bucs are all considering a safety as a pick in their first few rounds.  We don’t see Moehrig falling past all of these teams.  He’s too talented.  We’ll lay the 2/1 odds (approx) and project at least 1 safety going in the first round.