ASA’s NBA Future Bets and Predictions – 2019-20

The NBA season is one week away, and we’re locked and loaded for another fantastic season. Last year we picked up a +45 Net Stars profit for clients in the NBA regular season alone.

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Below you will find our future wagers and predictions.

Eastern champion – Milwaukee Bucks 5/4 – The Bucks roster is essentially the same and they have the most dynamic player in the league with Giannis. With the departure of Kahwi Leonard from the Raptors the East becomes much less formidable and the Bucks path to the Finals that much easier. Milwaukee was 50-17 SU (74.6%) against the East last year with an average margin of victory of +9.5PPG. Being able to win on the road is another crucial factor and the Bucks were second best the league at 31-17. The next best road teams in the East and potential contenders Boston and Philadelphia were 24-22 and 23-24 SU away from home. The Bucks advance to the Finals from the East this season. 

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Western champion – Houston Rockets 5/1 – With all the talk surrounding the California teams (Lakers, Clippers and Warriors) everyone has forgotten about the Rockets. Houston has more wins in the past two seasons than any other team with a 135-57 SU record and an average margin of victory of +6PPG. The key for Houston this off-season was acquiring Triple-double machine Russell Westbrook and giving up a declining Chris Paul but maintaining the rest of their roster. The Rockets also have an advantage of playing in the weakest of the Western Conferences, the Southwest. There are just too many offensive weapons on this roster and they can manage minutes for Harden and Westbrook and keep them fresh for the Playoffs.  

NBA champion – Houston Rockets 8/1 – Don’t get baited into betting one of the Los Angeles teams to win it all this year. The best value on the betting board is easily the Houston Rockets. The Rockets will prove to be the best team in the league and will eventually face and beat the Bucks in the Finals. One glaring aspect that was overlooked last year in the Eastern Conference Finals was the lack of adjustments by Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer. He’ll do enough to come out of the East this year but fail again in the Finals this season. As we mentioned in our prediction of the Rockets winning the West, they’ve essentially kept their roster intact and added Westbrook.  Veteran additions of Tyson Chandler (6th in real plus minus last year defensively) and Thabo Sefolosha (31st DRPM) improve the Rockets defense just enough to put them over the top.

Best Over/Under play – Under 35.5 Minnesota Timberwolves – Last year the oddsmakers posted a win total of 44.5 for the Wolves so we see a significant drop in that number this year but we still have value. Minnesota went 36-46 last season and an average loss margin of -1.5PPG which was 22nd in the NBA. They haven’t improved their roster this season and the Western Conference has gotten infinitely better at the top. The T’Wolves won just 42% of their Conference games a season ago and the significance of that is the following. Minnesota plays 33 of their first fifty-three games against the West prior to the All-Star Break. The 20 games against the Eastern Conference features 11 teams that made the playoffs last year. By the All-Star Break this team will be out of the Playoff picture which will lead to them blowing up the roster and moving Towns and Wiggins or they tank the rest of the way for a better draft position. Easy Under call here. 


Atlanta 35½                      

Boston 49½                      

Brooklyn 44                      

Charlotte 23                     

Chicago 33½                     

Cleveland 24½                 

Dallas 42½                        

Denver 53                         

Detroit 38                         

Golden State 48½                          

Houston 54½                    

Indiana 47½                      

L.A. Clippers 54½                            

L.A. Lakers 50½                

Memphis 27                     

Miami 44½                       

Milwaukee 58                                                                              

Minnesota 35½                                                             

New Orleans 38½                                                                        

New York 27½                                 

Oklahoma City 31½                                                                    

Orlando 42½                                                                 

Philadelphia 55                                                                                                          

Phoenix 29½                                    

Portland 46½                    

Sacramento 38½                                                                                        

San Antonio 47½                                                                         

Toronto 46                                                                     

Utah 54½                                                        

Washington 26½             


Los Angeles Clippers  7/2

Los Angeles Lakers    4/1

Milwaukee Bucks       6/1

Philadelphia 76ers       8/1

Houston Rockets         8/1

Golden St Warriors     12/1

Denver Nuggets          16/1

Utah Jazz                     16/1

Boston Celtics             25/1

Portland TrailBlazers   40/1

Brooklyn Nets             40/1

San Antonio Spurs      50/1

Indiana Pacers             50/1

Toronto Raptors          100/1

Dallas Mavericks        100/1

New Orleans Pelicans 100/1

Miami Heat                 100/1

Orlando Magic            200/1

Chicago Bulls              200/1

Sacramento Kings       200/1

Atlanta Hawks             300/1

Detroit Pistons             300/1

New York Knicks       1000/1

Okla City Thunder      1000/1

Charlotte Hornets       1000/1

Washington Wizards   1000/1

Cleveland Cavaliers    1000/1

Minn Timberwolves    1000/1

Memphis Grizzlies      1000/1

Phoenix Suns              1000/1


Milwaukee Bucks       5/4

Philadelphia 76ers       3/2

Boston Celtics             8/1

Brooklyn Nets             12/1

Indiana Pacers             20/1

Toronto Raptors          30/1

Miami Heat                 40/1

Chicago Bulls              80/1

Orlando Magic            80/1

Atlanta Hawks             120/1

Detroit Pistons             120/1

New York Knicks       400/1

Charlotte Hornets       400/1

Washington Wizards   400/1

Cleveland Cavaliers    400/1


Los Angeles Clippers  11/5

Los Angeles Lakers    5/2

Houston Rockets         5/1

Golden St Warriors     8/1

Denver Nuggets          10/1

Utah Jazz                     10/1

Portland TrailBlazers   20/1

San Antonio Spurs      30/1

Dallas Mavericks        60/1

New Orleans Pelicans 60/1

Sacramento Kings       120/1

Minn Timberwolves    600/1

Memphis Grizzlies      600/1

Okla City Thunder      600/1

Phoenix Suns              600/1