Kenny Schmitt Thursday Tutorial – Sept 21

Greetings My Friends,

What a first two weeks of the NFL, everyone has the L.A.Rams winning the Superbowl, but remember they’ve only faced and beaten two 0-2 teams in the Oakland Raiders and the Arizona Cardinals. It looks as they tower over their division.  The Seattle Seahawks are a complete mess, no running game, no offensive line, and no skilled positions players on the outside for any defense to respect. The Seahawks have been gutted from player personnel through positional coaching positions as well.


I’m not even going to get into the Arizona Cardinals, this team has fallen to new lows that’s not even imaginable. The Cardinals have only SCORED 6 points in two games and it actually looks worst than that on the field. Just last week against the Rams, they only had 5 FIRST DOWNS and 137 total yards of offense! But it’s the NFL and who knows, they might just cover this week against the Da Bears! The only decent competition the Rams will face moving forward within their division are the San Francisco 49ers!

The Niners are working through some injuries early in the season and it’s actually at their skilled position players. They lost Jerrick McKinnon before week 1 for the year and Marquise Goodwin hasn’t taken the field as of now and he’s their leading receiver from last year and was Jimmy G’s favorite target! We respect Kyle Shanahan in a big way and he’ll make the right adjustments and put the correct players in positions to excel to their fullest.   The NFC West is by far the weakest division in the NFC!

NOTE: The Titans, Cardinals, & Bills have only scored 4 offensive touchdowns between all 3 teams at this point of the season. 

NFL Coaching Angles!

If you remember last week, their were some interesting coaching angles we referred to and they played a key role in those games as well.  Take note that Gregg Williams the former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator who was the winning D-Cord on the Saints Super Bowl team, held Drew Brees an company to 275 yards of total offense and also blanked them from the scoreboard in the 2nd and 3rd quarter! One thing to remember, when the Saints won the Super Bowl the Gregg Williams led defense and special teams combined to score 108 POINTS that season. We have a very similar situation occurring this week in two different week 3 games.

Eagles Vs. Colts – Look who’s coming back to the Linc this week, Frank Reich! Who was the O-Cord with the Eagles the past 2 years and also won the Super Bowl with them last year.  You think he knows the playbook a little bit? He got his first career win last week against another NFC East foe on the road against the Washington Redskins. The line makers have taken account of Reich, as note the line is Colts +6 and they were getting the same number last week against a lesser foe in the Redskins. This is called visual perception as the Eagles lost last week and the Colts won!  Remember the Eagles only give up 12 ppg at home and Wentz his back under center this week! This one could be very low scoring!

Seahawks Vs. Cowboys – Do you know Kris Richard? Well he’s the former D-Cord for the Seahawks and he’s the mane behind the Legion Of Boom. But he’s not on the sideline with the Seahawks no longer. He’s a Cowboy and look what’s he’s accomplished in his short tenure with the Cowboys as of now  The Boys have been aggressive since the NFLX and into the regular season.  So you see where I’m going with this, the Cowboys will have a great advantage this coming Sunday when they line up against the Hawks.  You know you will get a very emotional Cowboys defense as they will go out and play like gang busters for the recently fired Kris Richard! This Seahawk team is in a downward spiral that’s not stopping until it completely disintegrates like going through a black hole.

The Hawks have allowed 12 SACKS in their 1st two games of the season, also note the Hawks are only 2-7 ATS at Century Link in their last 9 games.  It’s hard to back a team like the Hawks as they posses no running game at all.  The skilled position players are nothing to speak of either. This is another game that points could be a premium to come by throughout the game.

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Best of luck Kenny Schmitt