Kenny Schmitt NFL Tutorial – Oct 19

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Last weeks tutorial, we spoke about the lowest scoring teams in the NFL.  The Buffalo Bills were and still are the lowest scoring team in the NFL, they only managed 229 total yards and 12 first downs against Houston and they almost won the game. This week the Bills are on the road once again as they travel to Indianapolis to face the Colts and their depleted defense. Make note this is the Bills 4th road game in 5 weeks and they’ve only scored 26 points the past 3 weeks (0-13-13) “Buyer Beware”! We’re passing this game on our end as it’s too hard to lay 7.5 points with this Colts defense and also the Colts offense turns the ball over way too much to lay more than a TOUCHDOWN!!!


1. JACKSONVILLE – My My, how things can change in a blink of an eye.  This Jags offense just 3 weeks ago was destroying N.E. at home and held thePats in check all day via their strong defense. Since that game they’ve been hit real hard with injuries and it’s starting to show in a big way. This past week, their offense only manged 204 total yards and they only had 10 first downs. The lack of offense is wearing the defense real thin as the game continues. The Jags will have to tread water till they get healthy later in the year or they might miss out on the playoffs. But one thing they have on their side is the AFC South division is weak.

2. HOUSTON – This 3 game win streak for the Texans is a MIRAGE. This team has one thing going against them and it will always hold them back and it’s COACHING. They have talent on this team, especially at the skilled positions. But they only manged 216 total yards and 15 first downs at home against the Bills. They ran 50 plays against the Bills and only averaged 4.3 yards per play!! That’s horrible with the weapons they have on this offense. Just think, you start the year 0-3 and now win 3 straight and are tied for the division lead and you now have the banged up Jags on deck and you can seize control of the division this week. DeShaun Watson has been knocked down over 70+ times this year and some of it’s the O-Line and some is his non confidence in the O-Line and he moves from the pocket way to early and he’s holding on the ball way too long as well. If Watson, doesn’t change his style and or the coaching staff doesn’t put him in better positions, he won’t finish the season.

3. Tennessee – You cannot make this SH– Up!!  The Titans had the worst offensive display of football in an NFL game that won’t bee seen again for probably a decade.  Remember this is the NFL that is for the offense!! When you read this, it’s not a misprint by an means. The Titans only had 106 YARDS OF TOTAL OFFENSE AND 7 FIRST DOWNS for and entire NFL game. Oh by the way, they also gave up 11 SACKS!!  Just think 3 weeks ago we were on Philly and they were leading by double digits over this Titans team and let them come back and win in O.T.!!! As I stated, you cannot make this stuff up!

4. OAKLAND – We knew this was going to be a TRAIN WRECK once they traded Mack to the Bears.  We sent out the following below to our annual clients once we heard of the trade that morning. No onto their effort this past week in London. This team has no HEART and Chucky is dead before Halloween. He won’t make the 10 years, but does it really matter he’s guaranteed 100 million!! Just look at the offensive production against the Seahawks, the Raiders only had 185 total yards of offense and 15 first downs.



I want you all to remember last year, Oakland had the biggest divided locker room all year long. It was even stated that Penn wasn’t blocking and wanted Carr to be injured. Penn is back, but he has no heart for this team and it’s strictly a job for him as he needs to continue playing for financial reason the public doesn’t know about. I know many love Carr, but he’s really just an average QB at best.  Go break down is career passing percentage and other QB stats. When you have this many different alpha males on a team, it becomes SOUR.  The only thing I know for a fact that is GREAT when you mix many different items in a pot is GUMBO!!  Now onto the man running this ship, Jon Gruden!  He’s been a dust bunny in a tv booth for 9 years and now he returns to Oakland the same team that traded him after the N.E.playoff loss that is known as the Tuck Rule game.  So he now signs a 10 year / 10 million dollar contract and he does the same thing that Al Davis did to him  He throws away the captain of the team and the backbone of this defense. I guess, he loves Arden Key the rookie from L.S.U., huge head case!!  This isn’t going to work out, especially if the Rams gut them on Monday Night football next week. Below is that GUMBO I’m referring too. 





Kenny Schmitt NFL Top 5

1. – L.A. Rams

2. – Baltimore

3. – Kansas City

4. – New England

5. – New Orleans

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