Kenny Schmitt Misleading Finals – Oct 11th

Greetings My Friends, 

The Tuesday edition of our newsletter will feature, what we call NCAA misleading final scores.  Remember there is much more to a game than the highlights, final score, & team rankings.  We dig into the meat of the game, we look at KEY PLAYS, Yards Per Play, Turnovers, & First Downs!  When handicapping football, there is much more than who’s facing each other on the gridiron!

One other note we want to STRESS, when it comes to handicapping and or wagering you have to take out your emotional trait from your inner self at that time. You have to become an UNBIASED individual with no distortion in your mind at all. This is true in all means of life, but especially IMPORTANT when wagering your hard earned MONEY!


CALIFORNIA Vs. ARIZONA – This game by far is MOST MISLEADING FINAL SCORE of the week.  The Golden Bears of Cal, seem to be their worst enemy. They cannot get out of their own way. The Bears dominated the Wildcats of Arizona in all facets of the game, except where it counts SCOREBOARD.  Take a look inside the numbers of this game.  The Bears had a total yard advantage of 476 – 265 (+211)! The Bears also had 25 first downs to the Wildcats 13 (+12) and they also held the ball for 35 minutes to 25 for Arizona, which is +10 minutes in the T.O.P. category.

The 14 points that Arizona scored in the 2nd half were from two interception returns. The Bears turned the ball over 4 times and also were 0/2 going for it on 4th down. Also to note 2 of the Bears turnovers were deep inside Wildcats territory as one was at the 30 and the other was at the 5 yard line!!  As we stated prior, turning the ball over on downs is equal to a turnover. To make matters worse, the Bears were flagged 13 times for 115 penalty yards!  So for anyone, intending on moving up the Wildcats in their Power Rankings this week we highly suggest to keep the same or maybe drop them a few points. This game is what we call an illusion score.
MISSOURI Vs. SOUTH CAROLINA – The Tigers of Mizzou are the SEC’s version of Cal!  The Tigers ventured into Williams-Brice with only 1 loss on their record and facing the Gamecocks back-up quarterback as well. The Tigers moved the ball all day long, but their red-zone efficiency has been horrible all year and it was no different this past Saturday. Mizzou had 15 drives in this game and only punted 3 times! The Tigers lead 17-7 in the 1st half and had 3 more drives into the Gamecocks red-zone and came away with 3 field goals each time. So instead of leading by double digits at halftime they only led by 9!

The Tigers had a total yard advantage of 490 – 377 (+113) and also were +5 on first downs by a margin of 23 – 18!  The Tigers kicked 5 field goals in this game and also threw a pick 6 that was the difference in the final score.  Now the Tigers have to go back on the road this week and face Alabama off a game they should’ve of won. Well we see an upbeat Tiger team in Tuscaloosa, AL or a deflated version of the Tigers with no bite left in them this coming week?
FRESNO ST. Vs. NEVADA – It shows domination by the Bulldogs of Fresno as they won by a final score of 21-3!  But the Wolfpack were actually the better team on the field Saturday night. The Wolfpack head the total yard advantage by a margin of 327 – 271 (+56) and has out first downed the Bulldogs by a margin of 21 – 12 (+9)!  They also held the ball 10 minutes longer than Fresno and also ran an astonishing 86 plays to the Bulldogs 52!  The Wolfpack lost the turnover battle 0-3 and it was just too much for them to overcome!

KEEN EYE COACH – We have to give PROPS to Jimbo Fisher for knowing how bad the cupboard was at FSU and how loaded this A&M team is now and going to be in the future. This A&M team dominated Kentucky on Saturday much more than the scoreboard shows, the Wildcats only had 8 first downs and 178 total yards!!

All the best,

Kenny Schmitt