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Stan Lisowski

Stan Lisowski Football Full Season Package

Legendary capper Stan Lisowski has you covered this football season with his FULL SEASON Package. Join today and get set to win big this upcoming football season. Stan has the experience and results that keeps clients coming back each and every year.




Starting back in 1986 with his POWER PLAYS operation, this 2017-18 season will mark the 31st year that Stan Lisowski has been handicapping sports professionally. Along the ways with various monitoring organizations, Stan has achieved over 40 #1 Championships Won along with 194 Top 10 finishes.

He is a 4x Wise Guys Handicapping Champion, winning the Overall Championships both in 2016 and also in 1993, while achieving the Best Bet Awards in 2010 and in 2015 as well.


Below are some recent, short and long-term football accomplishments of note:

48-23 College & Pro 5Stars L7y

62-33 NFL Preseason L7y

10-3 NFL Preseason Best Bets L3y

7-2 September NFL Ly

39-18 NFL Best Bets L2y

67-38 NFL Playoffs L7y

14-5 NFL Playoffs L2y

31-17 NFL Playoff Best Bets

38-17 Lifetime Super Bowl

20-7 Super Bowl Exotics

39-18 College Football Ly

21-8 November-December College Football

9-4 Bowls Ly

144-91 Bowl Best Bets L23y

11-5 Bowl Best Bets L2y

21-8 Lifetime Bowl GOY

For your football perusal, here are some stat highlights, both short and long-term.

Basketball Post Season Numbers that should be of INTEREST to you:

26-15 ALL College Basketball Post Season Best Bets the past 2 years

14-4 NCAA/NIT/CIT/CBI Tournament Best Bets the last 3 years

29-9 NCAA/NIT/CIT/CBI Tournament Championship Round selections last 14 years

24-7 NIT past 4 years (11-3 NIT Final 4 games)