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Rickenbach WEEKLY All Sports Package! RUNS of +$53,260, +$28,830, +$37,230!

Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach (15 year industry veteran) is known for VERY long WINNING streaks! Whales, high rollers, and the biggest bettors across the globe remember VERY well the first SIX months of 2017 when Rickenbach's premium picks had only ONE losing month amassing HUGE profits (+$53,260) for dime players ($1,000 a game) from Jan to June! This year he…

$139.00 $95.00



Scott RickenbachScott “The Bulldog” Rickenbach ranks among the most consistent and reliable handicappers in the industry on a year in and year out basis. With his affinity for statistics (truly a “numbers whiz”) Scott naturally chose a career in business in 1993 when he earned his 4-year university degree (Bachelor of Business Administration) and, in the same year, passed all 4 parts of the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam on the first sitting. As a CPA, Scott’s business acumen led to razor sharp money management skills. His “sharp line analysis” assures clients get the most “bang for their buck.” Rickenbach ultimately chose his true passion (high level sports analysis) over high finance. Now 46 and in his prime, Scott brings decades of experience in full tilt sports research to the table. He’s been handicapping on the professional level for 15 years and prides himself on the fact that documented records exist for each and every selection he makes. His decade plus of documented results in the industry have included a wealth of top five finishes in all of the sports. This has included many #1 net profit rankings for multiple seasons and multiple sports including high ranking finishes in NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL, CFL and MLB. The nickname? A bulldog is a breed known for its courageousness, tenacity and determination. Scott earned the nickname, “The Bulldog” for his tenacious pursuit of profits and an unrelenting work ethic to be a top handicapper in the industry. Scott has built a deep client base and loyal following because of his consistent results and honest and open approach to handicapping. Join “The Bulldog” today and you’ll see the integrity and professionalism shine through.

Timeline with Records for Scott “The Bulldog” Rickenbach’s Players Advantage:

2003: The Players Advantage was incorporated and started releasing football plays the next year.

2004: 60% Winning Percentage and placed 4th (out of 50+) in Wise Guys Football Contest

2005: 68% Winning Percentage and placed 5th (out of 70+) in Wise Guys Football Contest

2006-2009: Combined 48-34, 59% Winning Percentage with NFL Top Plays at TSM of OKC

2007: 13-5, 72% Winning Percentage with Best Bets in Wise Guys Football Contest

2008: 13-4, 76% Winning Percentage with NCAAF Top Plays at TSM of OKC

2009: 10-6, 63% Winning Percentage with NCAAF Top Plays at TSM of OKC

2010-2011: Combined 82-53, 61% Winning Percentage with all Football Totals at TSM of OKC

2011: 24-12, 67% Winning Percentage with NCAAF Totals at TSM of OKC

2012-2015: Combined 533-410, 57%, +$80,170 PROFIT at $1K/game. 8 Football seasons and 7 were PROFITABLE. One of the most HIGHLY ranked Football cappers in the industry for this 4-year period!

You can sign up for any of Scott Rickenbach’s packages right here on or by calling the ASA office at 1.888.272.1098 today.

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