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Nelly Basketball NBA Playoff Package

This package will get you Nelly's award winning basketball picks through the NBA Finals in June. Nelly's has turned in a huge basketball season - 43 games over .500 since early December while hitting 63% in the NBA regular season!

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Nelly’s Baseball World Series Package

Join Nelly's Baseball all season through the World Series with daily updates. We've profited in three straight seasons heading into 2018 and expect more solid returns coming off a great all-sport run the past calendar year with huge football and basketball returns.



Nellys Sportsline



Nelly’s Sportsline is entering our 26th football season in business heading into a 2015-16 season that will end with Super Bowl 50. It will be a half century of Super Bowls and we have been in business for more than half of those big games. The NFL Playoffs have been a great area of success for us the past two seasons with a 12-3 record inJoe Nelsoncluding going 6-1-1 last season with our only miss coming on Seattle’s ill-fated finish in the Super Bowl last season costing us a perfect postseason, though we did hit the total for a split in the big game.

The 2014-15 season was our only losing season of the last four football seasons and just our second down year in the past seven seasons. There are services out there that would never admit to a losing season but that will never be how we operate. We know that our loyal clients understand that no one can win every season and that sports handicapping is a long term endeavor that will feature some down stretches along the way to excellent long term returns, just like any other investment vehicle.

We hope to get off to a great start in September which has been a winning month for us in eight of the last 10 football seasons. We maintained a great top play record last season with a now 37-23 record in our college 3* Top Plays over the last six seasons including hitting last season in one of the most convincing College Game of the Year wins we have ever had with a 76-31 result from a small favorite.

Since mid-2012 our college football picks have been on an outstanding clip and we already see several great opportunities ahead in year two of the national playoff format. Last season we also feel we got away from some of the strategies that made us successful in the NFL in past seasons and we will be more diligent to get back to the great results we had in the NFL prior to last season’s tough early season run.

We’ve had plenty of success as a phone service but what is most important to us is representing ourselves with integrity and without illusions. In this industry it is not difficult to find shady characters and scam artists that will tell you anything you want to hear. That is not us and that will never be how we operate, and scores of clients can attest to that.

We hope you will consider playing with our phone service or the weekly Green Sheet this season. While we won’t make the outrageous claims and guarantees that some of our competitors may make, we have been in business for a long time and could not have done so if we did not have a great track record and clients that appreciate how we do business.

Recent Phone Service Highlights

37-23 the last six years in NCAA 3* Top Plays!

185-143 in September Phone picks, college & pro combined since 2005

37-22 in the 2013-14 NCAA Regular Season

107-85 run in NCAA phone picks since November 2012

12-3, 80% in rated NFL playoff picks the past two seasons

76-31 win in our College Game of the Year last season

Profitable in five of our last seven football seasons



WIN % leader on Vegas Insider in BOTH NFL & NCAA football in the 2013-14 season!


Recent Newsletter Highlights

74-55 in Over/Under Game of the Weeks the past two seasons

56-38 in System of the Weeks the past two seasons

37-28 in Trend of the Week picks the past two seasons

82-53 in NFL Over/Under Game of the Week picks the last four seasons

18-4 in NFL Playoff Side Plays the last two seasons

4-2 in NFL Playoff Totals the last two seasons