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ASA – How we handicap

ASAwins.comOur handicapping methods have been developed through years of hard work and research. Rather than implementing one specific strategy as many handicappers do, we intertwine many different philosophies when it comes to making our football, basketball,  and baseball selections.

We start each week by scouring our computer database that can give us over 25 years of information on any situation you can think of when it comes to handicapping. We have developed many solid systems over the years, all of which are very successful. Strong systems in general are much more powerful than trends. A trend is normally delegated to one team or one series.  Our predictive Math Model AND computer simulator  are continually being update and produce some of the sharpest numbers in the industry.

For many handicappers in our industry their selection process ends when their computer spits out football picks each week that fall into certain criteria. This may provide moderate success for them but we like to go the extra mile for our customers. We personally evaluate each team based on HUNDREDS of hours of watching live games, taped games, etc.

We are very confident in our ability to watch teams play and then project those evaluations into how they will perform in upcoming weeks vs. specific teams. After watching games each week, we spend countless hours combing over all of the statistics for each matchup, including offensive, defensive, home vs. road dichotomy and point-spread analysis,.

We then check how each team matches up personnel-wise with their upcoming opponent. We expand on that by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of every team and how they equate to this weekend’s opponent.

We also have a number of contacts around the country who are close to specific programs. If one of those people calls and tells us that a team we are considering had a horrible week of practice and simply isn’t mentally prepared for the game, then we must weigh that into our decision. Are there any key injuries? What has been their scheduling situation leading up to this game?

So as you can see, just because a game may fall into a successful system or the scheduling looks good to go against a certain team, that doesn’t mean that we automatically use it as a selection. It must go through our in-depth process with all things considered before we give it the ASA stamp of approval.

Looking at games from all of these angles gives us the best of all worlds when it comes to handicapping. Our handicapping theories have proven successful over the years because we provide our customers with the one thing they look for in this industry and that is WINNING SPORTS PICKS!

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There is plenty of support from a few of our STRONGEST NFL systems on this wager along with backing from our Predictive Analytics Model. "False" results from the opening two weekends in the NFL have given us TREMENDOUS value on one bet this upcoming weekend. ASA's Top Games are on an INSANE 32-11 STREAK heading into this weekend and $100 p/Star bettors have cleared $10-Grand in profits since April. Join us for just $65 after it wins.

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PLUS OVER $10,000 GRAND IN PROFITS SINCE APRIL 1ST! Heavy hitters love this package that has produced steady results for the past 20 years. You get 1 to 2 Top Games or Best Bets per week with this package. These are all selections rated 5-Stars or higher for ASA including ALL Games of the Years. This package caters to players that like to 'step out' on big wagers each weekend. Contact us directly if you wish to use Paypal to purchase too.


ASA FULL FOOTBALL PACKAGE (both college & NFL) – $850 for all picks college & NFL

EARLY BIRD RATE FOR ASA's FULL FOOTBALL PACKAGE is currently $850.  This package will include EVERY PICK ASA has to offer in both college & NFL for the full 2017 season (thru bowl games in college and thru Super Bowl in NFL).  Making this purchase online will require you to pay the full amount of $850 at the time of purchase.  If you are interested in a PAYMENT PLAN - please contact ASA in the office at 1-888-272-1098.


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Jump start your football season bankroll with ASA's September Football Package! This gets you ALL College Football and regular season NFL picks through the end of September. At an affordable price this is a great way to sample our Service and see how we do! You won't be disappointed with a FAST START this football season!

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ASA’s MLB FULL SEASON BASEBALL PACKAGE – Every Pick thru World Series!

Since their inception in 1997, ASA has provided their clients with a WINNING MLB SEASON 70% of the time - 14 profitable seasons!  They release anywhere form 1 to 3 picks per day with the vast majority of those selections being small favorites, underdogs, and totals!  Join their FULL SEASON package now and receive every pick they have from the day you sign through the World Series...


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