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April AL Pitching Overachievers


By: Joe Nelson

Starting pitching is the biggest component of MLB handicapping and as the first month of the season winds down there are some surprising pitchers off to great starts. Here are a few American League starters with great results through the first few weeks that may be worth fading as their valuation grows.

Mat LatosMat Latos – Chicago White Sox: Latos looked like one of the NL’s better young pitchers a few years ago with the Padres before having a few moderately successful seasons in Cincinnati. After bouncing around last season with few positive outings Latos was signed for a very cheap one-year deal by the White Sox last winter. [KEEP READING…]


An Efficient way to pick the NBA Champion

By ASAwins

SpursEfficiency ratings and rankings have become the standard measurement of teams and players and if you are not familiar with those numbers, and you’re a sports bettor, you might want to do a little research and get to know what they mean.  Very simply put Offensive Efficiency (OEFF = points scored per 100 possessions) and Defensive Efficiency (DEFF = points allowed per 100 possessions) are great ways to evaluate teams and players and how good they truly are.  The league average for OEFF this season was 106 while the defensive number was 106.8. [KEEP READING…]

ASA’s MLB Future Wagers and A.L. Pennant Winner

Completely different atmosphere in the clubhouse this year, direction starts at the top and they got rid of upper management that was killing them, it’s only spring training but their 14-5 start is already showing there is a different “feel” with this year’s team, this is a very low win total and the Phillies won 63 games with a much more “toxic” clubhouse last year…that says a lot right there…[KEEP READING HERE]

NCAA Tournament Location Advantages


By: Joe Nelson of Nelly’s Sportsline

March MadnessWhile most of the NCAA tournament games will generally be played in unfamiliar venues and spacious arenas with mixed fan bases, it is worth taking a look at the travel required and the groupings of teams in each pod. Here is a brief look at some of the advantages and disadvantages presented by the selection committee this season with regards to location in the opening games. [KEEP READING HERE…]

ASA’s Bracketology – A look at the 2016 NCAA Contenders!

By: American Sports Analysts

Final 4 NCAA TournamentTwelve of the last 13 college basketball national champions have finished above, what we’ll call, the “Kenpom Line.” The KenPom Line refers to teams that finish in both the top 18 in Ken Pomeroy’s (www.kenpom.com) offensive efficiency and top 21 in his defensive efficiency rankings.  The only “outlier” that didn’t fall into the criteria listed above was UConn in 2014.  The Huskies did fall into the defensive category ranking 10th nationally but fell short of the offensive numbers.  Here are where each of the last 13 National Champions ranked in the two categories… [KEEP READING…]

Nelly – NBA Western Conference Big 3 Schedules

Joe Nelson

Three teams are dominating the Western Conference with the Warriors, Spurs, and Thunder pacing the field. With less than two months of regular season action remaining here is a look at the teams that will have the most and the fewest games vs. those powerful teams down the stretch. [READ MORE…]



What you need to know about Daily Fantasy Sports Investing – By ASA

If you are just getting into daily fantasy football “betting” then this article will explain the different styles of daily contest you can play.  Daily fantasy contests are set up with a salary cap where you pick players at different positions and earn points based on their performance.  The better the players the higher their salary is which provides us with the strategy aspect of Daily Fantasy.  Your goal is to pick the very best team possible while staying below the set salary cap.   There are several different types of Daily Fantasy contests which we will talk about next. [KEEP READING…]

Michael Jordan vs LeBron James – Who’s the Greatest Player of All time?

First off I’ll tell you this.  You won’t find many NBA fans out there that have actually watched more games than I have over the past 40 years.  I would sneak out of bed after my parents went to sleep and watch the CBS taped delayed playoff games in the late 70’s, early 80’s.  Playoff battles between the Celtics and 76ers, Lakers and whoever came out of the East.  Classic battles between Magic and Bird.  Then came Michael Jordan, the Bad Boys, Dominique Wilkins and the start of the Spurs dynasty.  All those incredible highlights you see of Michael I was watching live when they happened and I witnessed all the other feats he would accomplish on a nightly basis! [KEEP READING…]


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